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mum to be

This precious time in your life should be as comfortable as possible. Our staff here at Tanz ‘n’ Hair are here to nurture your body and indulge you in much needed treatments.

All of our mum-to-be treatments have been specially chosen for pregnancy to accentuate your maternal glow and beautify those parts that you can’t reach. Why not have a pedicure or enjoy a relaxing head massage and conditioning treatment. Whatever you choose, we're sure it'll leave you feeling refreshed and glowing.

Dont forget that pregnancy is the ultimate test for skin and skin tone, which if in great shape will be more resistant to loss of firmness and stretch marks.  During the course of the pregnancy regular body treatments will calm and soothe itcy, dry skin, as well as give some relief from excess fluid which leaves the lower legs  and arms, especially ankles, feet and hands puffy and feeling heavy, as well as give an essential boost to skin suppleness and firmness for the bust and body.

Regular facials will help to soothe, calm and restore balance to skin stressed by hormonal change.

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